• Durable
  • Luxurious
  • Warm
  • Great for outdoor adventures
  • Ideal for puppies and seniors
  • Handmade in Australia in small batches to ensure high quality
  • Size: 70cm x 90cm

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Pupper Snuggler

Waterproof Dog Blanket

Australian Made and Owned

Side 1: Shannon Minky (Luxe Cuddle Grey, 100% Polyester)

Side 2: PUL (Black, 100% Polyurethane Laminate)

Machine wash, tumble dry- COLD ONLY.
(Please note: DO NOT heat or iron minky!)

What is Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)!!??

PUL fabric is often used to make baby goods. It is popular for products like nappies, bibs and cot sheets. One side of PUL is smooth and shiny- this give it it’s waterproof qualities. The other side is a polyester knit, and is often referred to as the ‘right’ side of PUL- as it usually has a desired colour or pattered chosen for the given product.

Pupper Snugglers use PUL on one side and PREMIUM minky on the other side. The ‘smooth and shiny’ side of the PUL is sewn on the inside of the blanket, so only the polyester knit is visible. Technically this gives Pupper Snugglers three layers- Minky, lamintate, and polyester knit.

Why PREMIUM Minky?

You might be wondering why we have used a premium minky in our Pupper Snuggler design….

Naturally- as with any premium product, a nice price tag is attached. So why not opt for a cheaper fabric?

Well here’s why:
Shannon Fabrics is the leading fabric brand worldwide. They are based in the USA, so hefty import taxes and exchange rates apply to get the fabric in Australia. However- the quality is second to none! Shannon minky is absolutely luxurious! But it’s also so durable! What more could we ask for!? Shannon minky makes it possible (and desirable) for our Pupper Snugglers to be put through their paces- they are designed for snuggling, for adventure, for everyday use, to be washed over and over- Pupper Snugglers are made to LAST! Substituting for a cheaper minky would compromise not only the quality of the Pupper Snuggler, but also it’s durability.

As dog owners, I think there is one thing we can all agree on- dog products need to be durable if they are going to last!

And let’s not forget that every Pupper Snuggler is hand made in Australia, in small batch quantities, to ensure attention to detail and superior quality in each and every blanket.

In today’s world, it’s important to consider usage and waste, alongside supply and demand. With an ever increasing focus on reusable products, it’s an ideal time to consider products that are going to last- hopefully a lifetime. We don’t know exactly how long a Pupper Snuggler will last, but we are more than confident it will be a hell of a lot longer than any imports, and are even confident that it will out live Fido (God Forbid…). It’s evident that many company’s play on cheap products needing to be replaced, leading to a constant turn around of sales. We don’t want cheap. We want quality.

Key Features:

Ideal for puppies and seniors
Handmade in Australia

Size: 70cm x 90cm


At the park/ picnics/ sporting events/ outdoor activities:

The PUL layer means that the blanket can be placed on damp/wet surfaces (ie. damp grass at the footy!) and the moister will not draw through to the top layer where your dog is sitting.


In your dog’s bed:

Ideal for puppies and senior dogs where ‘accidents’ may occur. For example, if your pup has a little (or big!) accident in their bed while sleeping on their Pupper Snuggler, their entire bed will NOT be wet. If your pup is sleeping on the minky side and has an accident, then the minky will be wet. However, the PUL layer underneath will stop the wet drawing through to the bed. This is useful as you can then pick up the blanket and throw it in the washing machine without the hassle of having to clean the whole bed.


In the car:

Pupper Snugglers can be used in the car to protect your car seat and keep puppers comfortable during their travel time. Placing the minky side up gives your dog a soft and snuggly place to rest while you drive. Pupper Snugglers are handy for rainy days or adventures where your pup may need to jump back in the car wet! The PUL layer acts as a barrier between your wet dog and your car seat, containing all water/ moisture to the blanket- which can then be thrown in the wash when you arrive home.

As with all of our products- the Pupper Snuggler has been trialed with our own dogs before offering it to your dogs. We have found it to be  SO HANDY! We literally cart it around everywhere because it’s so useful and durable! Please don’t be afraid to really USE your Pupper Snuggler! Seriously, throw it on the ground, let muddy paws trample it! You won’t wreck it- we promise!


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