The Planet Dog Snoop is an award-winning treat dispenser toy for dogs. It doubles as a slow feeder and is made with Orbee-Tuff material for durability.


  • Treat-dispensing dog toy and slow feeder with half-dome shape
  • Constructed with recyclable Orbee-Tuff material for durability – no BPAs or phthalates
  • Pop-out neck to deposit treats inside the toy and floats in water for visibility
  • Made in the USA and FDA-approved

Note: Orbee-Tuff Nook (sold separately)

Note: Not intended for chewing.

Colour: Blue

Size: Standard

Dimensions: Approximately 12.7cm

Availability: In stock

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The multiple award-winning Orbee-Tuff® Snoop challenges the brain in fun and stimulating ways. Snoop is translucent and squishy with a deep crevice that conceals the treasure. Filled with treats, dogs will pounce, nudge, nose, and nibble to release the hidden reward. This interactive puzzle toy offers brain-stimulating entertainment for dogs of any size. For extra credit, insert any 2.5″ Orbee-Tuff Nook toy (sold separately) for a double puzzle.

  • Non-toxic, BPA free, phthalate free, FDA approved
  • Bouyant and bouncy
  • Infused with natural mint oil


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